Installing for MacTeX: diferent localtexmf location

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Installing for MacTeX: diferent localtexmf location

Post by murray »

I think that with current distribution of MacTeX, the place to which one wants to unzip the mtpro2 archives is now

Code: Select all

rather than

Code: Select all

which is where the docs at currently describe.[/code]

In fact, when I try to unzip (within Finder) to the latter location, I'm told I don't have permission to do that. (Perhaps it would work if I did it using a sudo... command within a Terminal session.)

I did unzip instead to the former location in the user's Library, and after carrying out the rest of the instructions in your current docs, the fonts seems to work as expected.

(If there is some good reason to put the fonts in the /usr/local... location, I'd like to know.)
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