Guidelines for suggesting new math symbols

Users are invited to suggest new symbols to be included in the MathTime Professional fonts.

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Guidelines for suggesting new math symbols

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Michael Spivak, the designer of MathTime Professional fonts, is
planning to add new symbols to the MathTime Professional 2 (MTPro2)
fonts, and would like user input. He writes:

We are now soliciting suggestions for additional symbols to be
added to the MTPro2 fonts.

Opening Pandora's box in this way will probably lead to so many
requested symbols that they will have to be prioritized, so at
some point we will probably need some sort of vote. Of course,
you might want to point out that "everybody" in XYZ theory uses
the following 13 symbols, so they really just have to be added!

Please do not say "just make all the symbols in STIX", because
there are some symbols there that no one even knows the use of!
Just say which symbols from STIX you do want. (We have already
had requests for many symbols that don't appear in STIX.)

If a large number of requests have been made by the end of the
year, we will try to have a list of them for distribution at the
Joint Math meeting in New Orleans in January of 2011, where people
can lobby for their favorites and add new candidates.

For a list of STIX font characters, see

For a list of the symbols in the current version of MathTime Pro fonts
see ... ntList.pdf
and for general information see
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