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Figure Files Path

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Has anyone had trouble with Settings -> Directories -> Figure Files? I have noted the problem to the developers numerous times without response. It is amazing to see a problem migrate from v5 to v6, and never get fixed! The reason I find this an important issue is that it prevents me from making portable .tex documents that I can send to anyone by packaging up all files associated with a .tex file together even though on my computer I can have those various files in my choice of folders.

It has been a while since I have worked with other implementations of LaTeX, but I think the way it is supposed to work is you define general input paths and ANYTHING needed to typeset a file will be found there. PCTeX chooses to have a special Figure Files path in addition to the Addition TeX Input path, but if you put an .eps file in either place, it will not appear in your typeset file. The only way to do it without adding special code in the .tex file is to put it in the same folder as the .tex file. That is very awkward if it is, say a letterhead logo that you need in may folders.

The new \includegraphics macro for v6 is cool, but it defeats the purpose of portable code as IT put code in the .tex file causing problems on any other computer.

Please try to see if this feature works for you!

This post was also put in PCTEX V6 Beta, my apologies.
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