Beta release Aug 21 22:43

PCTeX v6 beta tester input and discussion

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Beta release Aug 21 22:43

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New in this release:
  • Added thumbtrack page# tooltip
    Viewer mag box fixed
    MathTime and Lucida fonts automatically installed from v5 into v6
    Plain format installed on startup
    About box acknowledgements updated
    Class helper files updated: beamer, memoir (reviewed by author Peter Wilson), KOMA-script (edited by Yuri Robbers)
    Package helper files updated: hyperref, lucimatx
    Miscellaneous bug fixes
To download the latest changes: In PCTeX choose Help..Updates..Check for updates now

Note on using this release:

The version creates a new set of registry keys, which means that any previous Settings, and any documents in the Workspace, will not be remembered. You will have to restore them.

Also, the Registration code will have to be entered again. If you cannot find yours you may use this one: EUBMS-42GXJ-BNWL3-J7KQN-WLTVT

The Help file is still missing and we hope to have that available soon.

See the complete Release notes.
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