Narrow math fonts

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Narrow math fonts

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Knuth's mathematical typesetting looks very nice in most instances, but sometines the equations are set too wide. A optional narrower font would be wonderful in some situations.

1) When setting text with imbedded and displayed equations in multi-column format, a narrower math font could sometimes avoid equations which must otherwise span multiple columns or which must be split and stacked.

2) I am writing a handbook of some mathematical methods for computational fluid dynamics. I am using an AMS monograph style. I have many examples of matrix-valued functions which are very large. Often the matrix must be split into parts and stacked, and matrix elements must also be split and stacked on several lines. Usually I must insert lots of negative thin spaces and sometimes smaller font size to squeeze things down to fit in the page width. An optional narrow math font with width-conserving spacing would not eliminate the need to split expressions and matrices, but would reduce the number of these necessary. Perhaps it would not be as pretty, but the purpose of writing is to convey information, and multiline splitting can be confusing.