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Can MTPro and MTPro2 be installed on the same system?

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:05 am
by PTIForAdmin
Will installing the new MathTimePro 2 Lite fonts
affect the functionality of anything else in the program (e.g.,
bold math or any of the supplemental fonts that might have come with
the original MathTimePro package: AMS symbols, Script, Fraktur,
"Curly", and Blackboard fonts)? Will I lose any fonts or capabilities
by installing the new fonts?
The MTPro2 fonts are distinct from the original MTPro fonts, and both
font sets may be installed and used on the same system without
problem. For example, if both font sets are installed, any existing
documents using MTPro (original) will continue to typeset and appear
as before. Similarly, documents using MTPro2 will use the new fonts
only, and will not use or affect fonts from MTPro (original).