PCTeX v6 Beta testing - Completed

PCTeX v6 beta tester input and discussion

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PCTeX v6 Beta testing - Completed

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Beta testing is completed. Thanks to everyone who helped with this.

See http://www.pctex.com/ for PCTeX 6 product information.


PCTeX v6 beta testing. Release notes.

See below for installation and testing instructions. Send any
feedback or questions via this private online forum. This forum will
be visible to PCTeX v6 beta testers only.

Tips on using the Forum

After logging in click on View posts since last visit at
the upper right to see a list of new postings.

To post a message or reply to a topic, click on the post reply
or new topic buttons at the upper left. To quote the contents
of a message in your reply, click on the quote button to the
right of the message title.

To read about other Forum features click on the FAQ button at
the top of each page.


Download http://support.pctex.com/files/PWEGHJBFJQ/ the
beta test package and open it, or place it in a temporary directory
and double-click on it.


1. Please review the release notes.
2. Try using PCTeX v6 with your exiting LaTeX and other documents.
3. Let us know of any problems or suggestions regarding installation,
documentation, or operation by posting to this forum.

If you want to send test files to the developers, upload them by
clicking here:
(this is a secure location and files will be accessible to PCTeX
developers only). Once you have uploaded your files, send a message to
betatest@pctex.com to let us know which files you have sent
along with a brief description of each.
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