mtpro2 + fonts not working OK in Y&Y TeX viewer & pr

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mtpro2 + fonts not working OK in Y&Y TeX viewer & pr

Post by murray »

I LaTeX'ed document Test_latex.tex, which uses package mtpro2, in Y&Y TeX. I used that tex source as supplied, with no changes in parameters. The TeX'ing itself went without incident, but the Y&Y previewer registered errors beginning on page 2: I got a pop-up window saying:

GetWidth for char 161 (err 0); Size(x 0 y 0)
The operation completed successfully,
at byte 4185

And similary for a bunch of other characters 162, 163, 164, 193, 194, 195, 196.

A similar thing happened when I sent to page 3, this time with char 152 at byte 8453 and several other characters.

Then when I tried to print using Y&Y's Dvipsone, I got pop-up error messages:

No /.notdef line

Still, I was able to print the document, and the output looks OK. (At least the output seems identical to what I got printing it from MiKTeX.)