Symbols for the logicians

Users are invited to suggest new symbols to be included in the MathTime Professional fonts.

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Symbols for the logicians

Post by Dubucs »

Could be very useful to add the symbols logicians need, as those contained in the "turnstile" package
Thanks for attention
Michael Spivak
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Post by Michael Spivak »

There really are no "symbols" to add. Aside from the fact that the symbols are made up of straight lines, the symbols have to stretch, so the macros are the perfect (and only) way to get what one wants. For users of the MathTime fonts, all that might be wanted, and which can easily be supplied, are modifications of the definitions to ensure that the thickness of the lines corresponds to those used for other lines that are part of symbols (generally speaking, whereas the Computer Modern fonts generally use lines of thickness .4pt, MathTime generally uses lines of thickness .46pt).
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