\LEFTRIGHT(){\sum_{xyz}xyz} doesn't look right

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\LEFTRIGHT(){\sum_{xyz}xyz} doesn't look right

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Mike Spivak wrote:

The best way to do this is

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\PARENS, or \LEFTRIGHT in general, was specifically designed for
situations where very large delimiters might be needed, allowing one
to get designed ones rather than extensible ones. Since these
situations always involve large things that are \vcenter'ed, the
macros for \PARENS and \LEFTRIGHT automatically \vcenter the argument.
So \LEFTRIGHT(){\sum_{xyz}xyz} doesn't look right because instead of
having the \sum on the line, with the _{xyz} below it, the whole
expression \sum_{xyz}xyz has been \vcenter'ed moving it into a new
position. The MTP2 guide specifically mentions this. So the solution
is basically not to use these constructions when you don't need them!

By the way, I should also mention that even \left(\sum_{xyz}xyz\right)
isn't the right thing to type. As explained in the TeXBook, and I
would hope in various LaTeX books, the best thing to type is
\biggl(\sum_{xyz}xyz\biggr) because \left( ... \right) will give
parentheses that entirely enclose the ... material, whereas standard
typesetting allows subscripts like _{xyz} and superscripts to poke out
a bit beyond the parentheses, and \biggl( and \biggr) give the right
size for this in a displayed equation.
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