Subscripts look too large in $p_1p_2$

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Subscripts look too large in $p_1p_2$

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An MTPro2 user wrote:
When I typeset $p_1p_2\ldots p_n$ the subscripts 1 and 2 look too large when placed next to the p. To compensate for this I use $p_{{}_1}p_{{}_2}\ldots p_n$ to use 2nd order subscripts (the n looks OK as a subscript). Is there a better way to do this?
Michael Spivak answered:

To get this effect use $p_{\scriptscriptstyle1} ... instead of $p_{{}_1}... so that the tiny 1 won't be so low (and don't do this with the n as you noted). However, I wouldn't agree that $p_1p_2 ... has 1 and 2 that are too large; it's just that 1 and 2 are large symbols---$p_H is much more of a problem!

In CM the problem is just as apparent, even more so, in fact. I believe if
you look in various math books you will see things like $p_1p_2$ that never bothered you before you became a type maven!
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This is nice to see this solution. I agree that the fonts are a bit too large. I am looking for a stylesheet that might have some of these options to tweak. If you come across a style that is already done, let me know so that I can download it. Thanks ahead of time.
Mac Jenkins
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