intalling mtpro2 vs. mtpro + mtproA&B

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intalling mtpro2 vs. mtpro + mtproA&B

Post by murray »

For use with PCTeX, I presume there is no need to first uninstall mtpfonts 4.0 and mtpABfonts 4.0c -- right? (But presumably after mtp2 is out of beta, one would want to remove the old packages.)

Same sort of question for use with MiKTeX and Y&Y TeX. Here it is murkier what will happen upon extracting the supplied zip archive into the existing trees.
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There should be absolutely no conflict between the old MTPro fonts and the MTproTwo fonts. All the MTPro fonts (file names, PostScript names, etc.) begin with just MT, while all the MTProTwo fonts begin with MT2. Similarly, the style files, etc., are all renamed.