lucimatx clash with flexisym: upper-case Greek math

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lucimatx clash with flexisym: upper-case Greek math

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There is a clash between he package flexisym.sty (or breqn.sty) from CTAN and lucimatx.sty: upper-case Greek math letters are not shown in the pdf but are replaced by various accents.

Example source:


%\usepackage[lucidascale]{lucidabr} % no clash with flexisym using lucidabr
\usepackage{lucimatx} % clash: accents shown instead of upper-case Greek
\usepackage{flexisym} % no problem with lucimatx without flexisym


OK: $\alpha, \beta, \gamma$, etc.

Wrong: $\Gamma, \Delta, \Theta, \Lambda, \Pi, \Sigma, \Upsilon, \Phi, \Psi, \Omega$


There is NO problem if I use the older package lucidabr.sty from CTAN. But I’d much rather continue to use lucimatx.sty instead, as it makes selecting various options much easier.

How can the incompatibility be fixed?
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