Beta release of January 25

PCTeX v6 beta tester input and discussion

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Beta release of January 25

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New in this release:
  • * PDF viewing is now done with an external Acrobat Reader. This works with AR versions 5 through 8.
To download the latest changes: In PCTeX choose Help..Updates..Check for updates now

See the complete Release notes.
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Post by TomK »

Scrolling of dvi files has improved lately, but still lags behind that of v5; in particular, it is coarse initially, and becomes finer after hitting 'u', 'd' keys.

Sometimes the viewer opens up with the page displaced deep into the lower right corner of screen.

In Editor, you might wish to add completions for \begin{document}, \end{document}, and, if possible, offer a few more colorization options (e.g., for curly and square braces, text-math and display-math environments; the '&' array column separator).
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