AR8 incompatibility; dvi view scrolling; spell check

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AR8 incompatibility; dvi view scrolling; spell check

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Here are my first impressions from PCTEX v.6:

It is much quicker thanks to the new engine, thanks!

Pctexv6 crashes Adobe Reader 8.0 in PDF mode. It displays the PDF file but the second time I click on Typeset, the Adobe Reader crashes. If I try to close the Adobe Reader before it crashes, this causes it to crash anyway. On the other hand, Pctexv6 still works.

“Configure Package�, “View Documentation� tries to open Acrobat Reader but cannot. The Acrobat reader stays active taking 98% CPU power without displaying anything.
We tested with AR7 but not AR8. We will install this and make it play better with PCTeX.
The continuous display is not what I would expect. I use the PgUp/PgDown and the +/- keys often. The +/- keys move the page exactly as they should but PgUp/PgDown make it behave funny with the black bar between pages jumping a bit up or down. The arrow keys behave like the PgUp/PgDown ones. The mouse wheel scroll seems to act like those keys as well. One would expect that the mouse wheel would move the page a few lines only, and I expected the same behavior from the scroll bar on the right. On the other hand, the intuitive feeling is that PgUp/PgDown would do what +/- do now. And finally, most laptops do not have +/- keys, so it will be very convenient if PgUp/PgDown do their job. (I know that Backspace and Return serve the same purpose but this is counterintuitive).
We have corrected the scroll sizes and will post an update in the next few days.
Check Spell: “add to the custom dictionary� really adds the word there but the same word in a different place is still underlined as misspelled. One can add it again, etc. This creates multiple entries of the same word in the custom dictionary and the word is still displayed as misspelled.
We will look at this.
It will be good to have a small icon on the tool bar that switches between continuous display and a single page one (Acrobat style).

Why not replace the Selection Tool (or add a new one) with an Acrobat Reader type hand tool?
Good ideas. We'll consider implementing these in a later release.
The PS button is gray and probably there is no PS mode anyway.
That's correct. We'll get rid of this.

Thanks for your input.
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I noticed another strange behavior of the spell checker. If the underlined word is not in the dictionary, a right-click does not display something like "no suggestion"; instead you get the usual right-click menu.
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