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More on the new fonts

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1. Although I'm happy to get guest and/or anonymous suggestions, it really helps if there is an email address, so that I can send questions I might have.

2. I am making one more font (actually two, since it'll have a bold version), called Math Curly \mcurly. Samples can be seen at

This is somewhat similar to, though less ornate than, a Monotype font that was frequently used for script, and several symbols may look very familiar, especially the A, P and R. Like the Monotype font, it is not slanted. I've never seen lower case letters from this font used in math, but figured I might as well provide them. You might have comments about some of these letters, including suggestions for changes and/or

3. The "curly braces" \{ and \} are currently created as extensible
characters, and people don't seem to mind, but I suspect they would really be nicer if they, too, were individually designed up to 4 inches high; then they could be more curly. Similarly, it might be nice to have
individually designed underbraces and overbraces.