once again, no incoming e-mail

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once again, no incoming e-mail

Post by murray »

The elves who run my department's computer systems once again have managed to disable incoming e-mail, so please once again use this forum in case you wish to contact me. (If there are files to download, however, I don't seem to have a password allowing that.)
Michael Spivak
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Based on what you told me about the characters printing out, I think everything is going to be honky-dory, and I emailed you all the new pfbs and pfms. I don't know just how the uploading and downloading to this group works, but in any case the uploading seems to be done one file at a time (it's really meant for people to send large files that illustrate some problem they've encountered), so it's not a reasonable way to get files to you. I guess will just have to wait til the magic elve-dust works.